Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bring on the avalanche.

I just found this song! I really like it. It sounds a big like Joshua Radin and we all know I love him! 

Anyway, on this chilly Saturday morning, I am doing homework. I've got the majority of my paper done, I'm just tweaking it now and then I need to study for my midterm.

As you can tell nothing too terribly exciting...But such is life!

I got alot accomplished yesterday which made me happy! I'm trying to carry on the tradition through the weekend, so I better go!



Thursday, October 20, 2011

In other news!

Actually I lied, this post is definitely about normal every day, nothing much, news! Today I was was woken by the phone.You know how I'm kind of stupid for the first minute of be awake? I can't really make sense of anything for about a minute. And if Rach or anybody tries to talk to me, I look at her like she's crazy and say "Whuaaat?" Anyway, it was dad, but in my sleepy stupor, I thought dad wasn't working today, so I put extra effort into clearing my throat and sounding like whoever it was that was calling from the SO, wasn't waking me up. Then I said "Hello?" and some dude says "Hey!".....(Keep in mind me being stupid for another good 30 seconds) so I say "Yes, Hello?" and the guy says "Yes! Hi! Hello!! Can yooouu heeaar me!?!!?!"..... I realized dad was working...When I heard his irritating Hi heeellloo! Anyway, in the same day I was complimented on my phone etiquette, so that just goes to show you, I CAN talk on the phone....I'm just stupid when I've been sleeping.......AND THEN I FOUND FIVE DOLLARS!! ;)

I'm going to talk to an adviser tomorrow. The lady I talked to today, said they have walk ins on Fridays, so that's what I'm going to do. Hopefully I don't get that guy Mark! Yuuck!

We had Taco Salad for dinner tonight, and it was so good! Mom really out did herself! But then again, you've been outdoing yourself on a daily bases haven't you? Gourmet, Leah!

I had to write a paper on online investing....It was booorrring!

I'm liking this song! Listen to it, it's catchy!

Love, Jo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So, yeah.

Dear Lee Lee,

We miss you terrible! Things just aren't the same. But I think we're all going to make it ( Don't quote me on that though!)

Chris and I went to T. this weekend to hang out with the C's. We had a good time! The kids are still cute ( in case you were wondering) They still like to play in your car, so I let them, and Mr. Man got a hold of a cup with some leftover coffee and dumped it down the back of the seats. Don't worry I cleaned it up. Also, if this is confession time, I also dumped bourbon chicken in your car.....Well bourbon chicken juice anyway! Why don't they make those containers leak proof? MAN! 

School feels pretty monotonous right now, but then I remembered Jamaica is coming up AND the semester is almost over. I think all classes end on Dec. 5th and it's almost November! Yeeeaah baby! I'm excited to start next semester and take more classes. I do need to start on my research paper, I keep thinking I have plenty of time, but I don't really. Anyway, I have a midterm next week, which I need to study for.

Blah, sorry that turned into a school post!

I like this song lately. This was the only one it would let me post. I can't relate to this song, I just like it. I also feel the need to sing along with it, every time I'm in my car....It's a tick, I think!

Anyway, I have to leave soon for class, so this is it.

Love you Lee Lee!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Nap, was a mistake.

I can't take Sunday afternoon naps anymore. I've known this for a while, but I took one today anyway...Big mistake! HUGE! ;) So I'm not all that tired right now, though I wish I was. I have a presentation tomorrow and I'd like to get some good sleep before hand. 

Today at church Mr. Tunstall called me an "Old woman" after learning that I just had my Birthday. I felt like you E, except for the married part! :P Then later he told me he would get me a cane and I stood their blank for a second and then realized oh yeah...The old lady joke. Or in the words of him " Oh, that's a....uhm...a...Joke! It's a joke!"

Anyway, today was good. Nothin' too exiting. Meeting, lunch, homework, nap, I also skyped with the leetles. Don't be hatin' it needs to be a daily occurrence! Or I miss them too too too much!

R's missing two teeth and It's a huge gap! She is adorable!

Mr. Man decided to crawl behind the cushion and perch on some clean laundry!

Chilling out watching some tv, that's how we roll!

I promise to post pics of me doing stuff soon.
But these kids are too cute! I can't resist.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blogging Rampage!

I remembered how fun blogging used to be after my first post! Who knew?! Crazy!

Anyway, lately I've really been liking this song! It's super catchy.

Okay so technically two blog posts in an hour isn't a blogging rampage. Not to mention the fact that this is all I have time for! I'll see you on the flip flop!

Love, Jo.

Hello World!

I have spent the last hour trying to hack into my blogger account! Finally success. Though I didn't know if I'd make it, I also didn't know if Chris was going to kill me or not. I was getting super frustrated!

Today was a good day, though I didn't do all of the homework I planned on doing. It has been raining for two days. (Day and night!) Because of this ( as well as staying up late) I woke up rather late. We ended up going shopping and to Moes for lunch! ( Weeeellcome to Moes!) It was a fun outing but I definitely have to make up for what I didn't get done today.

But enough about that. E, I thought you could use some pics of the leeetles. No pic's of R's lost teeth, yet. But I'll get 'em up to you soon!

Thank the Lord for Skype!

Love, Jo